Trapped in my own house?

I’m writing this here because I’m hopeful that someone will see it and be able to give some advice.


Last night the house next door was set on fire for the third time in three weeks. My family and I were out at the time, but we received a phone call from both the police and our neighbours, informing us that my door had been breached by the fire brigade as they thought someone was in the house.
This is the culmination of over two years of issues with the house next door and each government department I’ve spoken to has passed it on to other departments effectively saying ‘there is nothing we can do’.

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Virgin Holidays False Advertising?

overview-disney-magic-00-fullWe did it, We booked our first family holiday! In May 2017 we will be travelling on the Disney Magic from Florida back to Europe in a two week adventure, we had to wait until Scarlett was 1 year old before we can do a transatlantic cruise but we are counting down the days.

Rather than book individually we decided to go onto the Virgin Holidays shop and get everything as a package, not have to worry about anything, especially with a 1 year old of unknown ability.

But so far there have been two instances where I’ve been let down (or misinformed) and I’m not getting anywhere with internal complaints so let this be a bit of a warning to you. Continue reading

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Yesterday I went shopping for some baby stuff..

I fucking love TK Maxx sometimes

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Better get Scarlett’s new teddy home safe

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Scarlett and her Guard Chicken…

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I also bought some Baby Clothes but I figured I’d photographed those enough.

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Leaving @LeedsHack


I’ve had a few emails this week asking me when the next LeedsHack is and now is about the time when I usually start organising this years event, The truth is, I honestly don’t know when / if LeedsHack is happening.

After more than 5 years, I decided last year (after saying it for a few years) that LeedsHack 2015 was going to be my last one.  Continue reading

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The Kickstarter Game

Dom Hodgson » My Profile — Kickstarter 2016-03-07 23-28-42

Heather and I play a game at dinner when we run out of stuff to talk about (quite easy to do when you’ve been together 13 years and work together every day), you navigate to the Technology section of Kickstarter and select a PHYSICAL product (websites don’t work well for this). Continue reading

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What’s in the Nursery

The Nursery is about the only room in the house fully complete, it’s the first room Heather and I have painted properly and her number one rule was NO PINK so we decided to go for Yellow and Green and a Zoo / Safari theme. and if I do say so myself, it looks awesome.

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Back to Blogging.. for now

2016-01-16 13.49.52

Lets be honest, I’m not sure how this little blogging stint will last, I tend to go in cycles of blogging where I build up a small audience, get bored and delete everything and start again.

I’d stared writing down things with the “Dad Stuff’ category in my notepad as a basis of things about having a kid to write a set on that wasn’t just “THEY SHIT EVERYWHERE” but I realised I was writing a lot so I thought might as well put it to good use.

In addition to that Divshot just shutdown and took my 1 page site with them.

I wanted to write a few of the posts about our experience at the Hospital because the staff at the Hospital were genuinely upset by some of the negative reports they see online and if my blog has ANY authority left.. I might be able to help at least a little with that

I’m not intending on writing all about Scarlett and the family, there are some tech things that wouldn’t be appropriate for the company blog, and some of my Arduino projects I’d like to show off but whilst I’m enjoying writing, I’ll keep going.

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Our first night

Like many parts of bringing up a child, I’d been excited about this and dreading it at the same time, Heather and Scarlett are finally home but OH JESUS THERE IS NO RESPONSIBLE ADULT IN CHARGE..  Continue reading

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Home from the Hospital

After 13 days in the Hospital, we got the all clear to leave today; tests, obs and weight was all good to go, so after battling with the car seat and making sure she was warm (BUT NOT TOO WARM) we were on our way Continue reading

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22nd Feburary 2016 – 10:41pm

This post is part three, if you've not read part one and two, try them first :)

Scarlett Veronica Hodgson – 5lb 13 and 5 weeks early.

2016-02-22 19.30.32

She obviously gets her impatience from me, Mum had a few hours to rest in the delivery room and I sat with her in silence, refreshing Reddit, texting friends and family and acquiring and .com.

After what seemed like hours but was in reality was less than one, we were moved into the Transitional Ward and that’s where I’m writing this from.

Apart from the stern doctor who told Heather she was going to have the C-Section, every single member of staff that we’ve dealt with at the hospital has been beyond amazing, we are now on our 9th day in the Hospital and in the time we’ve been here, We’ve been to four departments (we didn’t go to neonatal so missed out on a full house).

Heather read a negative review of St. James on the internet so during the pregnancy she switched to the LGI,  I have never been more thankful for a ward to be closed, not that I thought the LGI would be bad, but I was born at St. James so I was happy to be moved there (but you never argue with a pregnant woman)

I wanted to write this message so that if someone searches for St. James Maternity Ward Review, hopefully this will appear and they can see that you are in the very best of hands.

I’ve no doubt I’ll be using this blog to complain when things go wrong with stuff and it’s much easier to write complaints than complements but if your thinking about St. James, I could not ask for more from them (other than a car park pass 😉 )

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