Interflora Search Result

There has been a bit of gossip around the search community over the past few days that if you search for Interflora, they aren’t in the top ten.

I don’t want to talk about link building techniques or which agency is at fault but I don’t think this will last long, I think it’s like the BMW removal we saw a few years ago, they were removed for a few days to prove a point then within a few days, rankings returned.

If you look at it from a user point of view, if I Google interflora and I don’t get it, that is a negative result for me, I think Google has messed up and isn’t ranking properly, I know they have PPC ads but to me that doesn’t count.

If the rankings for the main keywords (flowers, flowers online, flower delivery, I’d guess) were the only ones hit  I would probably be thinking slightly differently, the link profile has risk and there is an element of clean up to be done, but I do think this is more of a temporary statement by Google rather than permanent ongoing penalty.