Pebble Watch Face

Pebble Watch First Impressions

Yesterday I received my Pebble Watch, almost a year after pledging to the kickstarter fund and immediately I was asked for my first impressions, so here they are;

It’s definitely a version 1 (or 1.5?) product. The watch looks lovely and the strap is comfortable but the buttons are just a little too difficult to press easily and the software still needs a lot of work.

I won’t go through the full experience of unboxing and reviewing what it does and doesn’t (you can find them easily) but I’ll write down a few of the things that stood out to me you might not know

  • Uses a proprietary USB charger (something I’ve run into recently with the fitbit)
  • Notifications do not work on iOS5 (which is annoying as Heather has an iPad one)
  • The music display and control works flawlessly
  • I’ve been unable to get Mail notifications working (even with a long workaround)
  • The preloaded watch faces look great
  • The iOS developer SDK / Watch face designer still hasn’t been publicly released and there are no third party apps, the developer forums seem to be a bit of a ghost town to be honest which is worrying
  • I was initially excited that the Pebble has the ability to connect to more than one device (I’d like notifications / calls from my phone but my music from my iPod) but it seems as soon as you connect one device, it disconnects the other.
  • Both my iPod and iPhone keep asking me to allow connections to the Pebble, I think there are still some security issues to work out
  • It has a fairly decent motor in it for the vibration,

So those are my first thoughts, I’m sure I’ll write more as I’ve gotten used to it and other patches are released. I don’t mind waiting almost a year for the watch, the point of kickstarter for me is to support projects like this and see how they grow and develop, when your expecting 500 orders and end up with 80,000 that comes with some steep learning curves (and to think, I shit myself when I send an email out to 2000 people, imagine sending a product out to forty times that)

If you’ve not ordered one yet, I’d recommend you wait till version two. There is no doubt the team have learned a lot with this watch and whilst I’m happy I got the chance to buy one (or two) & support the product, I don’t think the watch is there yet as a product.

But hey, I’ve only had it 8 hours, I’m probably using it wrong :)