Disney World

Virgin Holidays Disney World Warning..

If you’ve spoken to me at all in the last few months, the topic of my wedding will have come up, I’m getting married in October and as usual, I’m planning something a bit… different.

This post however is about our Honeymoon, We are planning to travel to Disney World again after a fantastic trip in 2012 with the geeks, the idea is that Heather and I travel to Disney World a week before everyone for our ‘honeymoon’ week, do the full hotel experience, Disney Dining plan, the lot.

The following two weeks, we are joined by our friends and we move into a Florida villa (last years was amazing).

Rather than book everything individually as I did last yeah, I decided to try out Virgin Holidays in Leeds City Centre, I figured it wouldn’t be as cheap but it’s got to be a bit less hassle getting everything from different services and making sure the dates match up.

When we went to book the Holiday, I’d done some research on various things, I knew we wanted Disney Dining and I knew it had been free the week or so before, I wasn’t sure what hotel I wanted to stay in and I was after some advice.

Whilst discussing the trip, we spoke about the Disney Dining offer and that I’d missed it, but it would be coming back soon, I offered to delay the booking until it came back but was told that ‘when it comes back, I’ll add it to your booking’ so that was that..

Whilst talking about the latter part of the trip, I was asked ‘what are you doing for tickets’ and I said we’d be sorting them out once things were a bit clearer (and there is usually a buy one week, get one week free offer on).

So we booked, paid up and that was that.. fantastic!

Roll on to Last week, I saw on TV that Virgin Holidays were offering Free Disney Dining again (and an extra $200 spending money if you booked but I wasn’t bothered about that). I walked into Virgin Holidays just to confirm everything that tickety boo and that’s when things started to go wrong.

The person who booked the holiday wasn’t working but someone from the Sheffield branch was covering (I can’t remember her name but she was great and did what she could), I was then informed that due to a ‘change in service’ they cannot add the Free Disney Dining to my package and I’d have to rebook again with the new prices, there was talk about losing my deposit and a £20 booking fee but I can’t remember the specifics.

Then I was told ‘you can only get disney dining if your going to Disney World and for that you need tickets’.. I said we’ve got tickets, they come with the booking, she checked the computer and there were no Disney tickets added to my account.

  • We’d booked flights to Disney World
  • We’d booked an airport transfer to Disney World
  • We’d booked a hotel for one week at Disney World
  • And yet, our package from Virgin Holidays, doesn’t include tickets.. to Disney World

I was honestly shocked at that.. the only mention of tickets when booking was talking about the latter stage of our trip and at that point I felt.. shafted, adding the tickets and Disney Dining plan to our holiday added an extra £900 to the price and I felt lied to and really let down by the company.

I was told that a manager would call me the next day and try and sort something out, they didn’t. Instead I was called by the person who originally booked our holiday who stated that she’d priced up the holiday with Free Disney Dining and it was £2000 more than we paid so we’ve actually saved money! Apparently a lot of people book the package from Virgin Holidays without booking tickets so that is completely normal, I didn’t make it clear, no apology, no trying to work it out. other than cancel the holiday (which would have cost us a deposit and fee)  I had no choice than to pay another almost thousand pounds.

I tweeted that I felt let down and @virginholidays responded that someone was going to call me.. but they haven’t

So if your booking a Virgin Holiday, make sure you get any offers they give you in writing as it might change and make sure your package actually includes tickets to Disney World. You’d assume booking a Disney holiday would include that but it doesn’t.