2016-01-16 13.49.52

Lets be honest, I’m not sure how this little blogging stint will last, I tend to go in cycles of blogging where I build up a small audience, get bored and delete everything and start again.

I’d stared writing down things with the “Dad Stuff’ category in my notepad as a basis of things about having a kid to write a set on that wasn’t just “THEY SHIT EVERYWHERE” but I realised I was writing a lot so I thought might as well put it to good use.

In addition to that Divshot just shutdown and took my 1 page site with them.

I wanted to write a few of the posts about our experience at the Hospital because the staff at the Hospital were genuinely upset by some of the negative reports they see online and if my blog has ANY authority left.. I might be able to help at least a little with that

I’m not intending on writing all about Scarlett and the family, there are some tech things that wouldn’t be appropriate for the company blog, and some of my Arduino projects I’d like to show off but whilst I’m enjoying writing, I’ll keep going.

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