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Dad Stuff

Trapped in my own house?

I’m writing this here because I’m hopeful that someone will see it and be able to give some advice.


Last night the house next door was set on fire for the third time in three weeks. My family and I were out at the time, but we received a phone call from both the police and our neighbours, informing us that my door had been breached by the fire brigade as they thought someone was in the house.
This is the culmination of over two years of issues with the house next door and each government department I’ve spoken to has passed it on to other departments effectively saying ‘there is nothing we can do’.

Dad Stuff

21st Feburary 2016 – 11:31pm

This post is part two, if you've not read it, read part one

iMessage from Heather Heather: They’ve just done and scan and the baby is in breach, they are going to do a c-section tomorrow

I called Heather straight away and we talked through what had happened, the Doctor had been quiet matter of fact and left after giving the information so we were both upset that she was on her own with this news, we chatted for 5 minutes and agreed that we both needed some sleep.

I ran downstairs and woke my mum up by SHOUTING AT HER,

You’ve got to get up at 6 tomorrow, I need to get up and goto the hospital, baby is in breach so she’s coming tomorrow, I need a bath and you need to drive me!!

I switched the lights off and went back upstairs and then it started to sink in.. we were going to have a baby TOMORROW.. holy shit.. 

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21st February 2016 – 3:30pm

2016-03-03 22.44.28

The day of the World Club Challenge had arrived. I’d been excited about this for months, tickets were booked and I’d upgraded Grandad and I to some prematch VIP hospitality with a three course meal.

Dinner started at 4:00pm so at 3:30pm Grandad and I had our shirts on, the car was packed and we bound towards the door, my hand was on the handle when my phone buzzed..

iMessage from Heather Hodgson : Can you come upstairs please

I trotted up the stairs and walked into our bedroom to find Heather on the bed, “My waters have broke”