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Halifax logout upsell puts you at risk

Halifax logout upsell puts you at risk

When you click Logout of your bank, you’d expect it to.. log you out right? not if you bank with Halifax.

Now you are presented with an advert for something and a delay of 30 seconds.. WHEN CLICK LOGOUT AND SEE THIS PAGE YOU ARE STILL FULLY LOGGED IN

So if like me, you click logout and as soon as the page loads, you move onto the next thing (i.e. leave the computer on a public terminal) if someone is waiting for that terminal after you, they will still be logged into your account and can do what they please.

Let’s also keep in mind that This advert is already shown when I log on (and I can’t opt out of them) AND I ALREADY HAVE THE PRODUCT THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL ME.




This is unacceptable.

Oh Look, It’s Little Warden!

Oh Look, It’s Little Warden!

tldr; I’m launching a new website today called to help website owners, agencies and domain portfolios keep an eye on the domains they are responsible for, but may not control.

A few months ago I got the itch to start coding with some new technologies and techniques that were not applicable to my daily role Kerboo.

So I took a look at the big book of semi finished hackday projects and ideas and found one that I liked.

The project had to meet 4 criteria;

  • It had to be low maintenance It had to be small, easy to use with little development and support overhead
  • It had to be fun to work on No explanation needed
  • It had to be something which Kerboo wouldn’t do The point of this was to do something separate away from the day job, so it had to be something that was nothing to do with Links! (or an area that Kerboo would do)
  • It had to have commercial viability (You’ve got a baby now Dom, you’ve gotta do more stuff which makes money and less stuff for shits and giggles)

After a few days of reviewing and throwing out ideas, there was one left…. Warden


The idea behind Little Warden came from a few posts on some of the online groups I’m in;

  • “Last week our client moved servers without telling us”
  • “Our staging environment got indexed in Google because someone removed the robots.txt!”
  • “We forgot to renew our domain and now a broker has it”

Posts like this appear every month or so and that got me thinking that classic entrepreneurs thought

There has to be a better way!

So after a few months on evenings and weekends (and a boat ship across the Atlantic) I had a pretty good build of Little Warden ready to go and get some test users up and running.