21st February 2016 – 3:30pm

21st February 2016 – 3:30pm

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The day of the World Club Challenge had arrived. I’d been excited about this for months, tickets were booked and I’d upgraded Grandad and I to some prematch VIP hospitality with a three course meal.

Dinner started at 4:00pm so at 3:30pm Grandad and I had our shirts on, the car was packed and we bound towards the door, my hand was on the handle when my phone buzzed..

iMessage from Heather Hodgson : Can you come upstairs please

I trotted up the stairs and walked into our bedroom to find Heather on the bed, “My waters have broke” 

“Piss off” I replied, thinking this was a bit of pre match joking from my wife but the look I received told me that, she thought at least her waters had broke..

We called LGI MAC (The emergency room for pregnant women) and they were full so we’d have to go to St. James who asked us to come in at 5:30pm..

I was still questioning the possibility of her waters breaking so early (we’d just had a parenting class the week before about such which made it seem highly unlikely) so I offered suggestions such as ‘discharge’ and ‘had she just wet herself’ these did not go down well.

During this time of course, My Grandad was still stood at the door patiently waiting to be driven to his dinner and the match.

I called my mother  (who had brought my grandad over) upstairs and told her that we needed to go to the Hospital and that she’d have to go to the game.

As they left for the match, Heather started to panic pack a hospital bag with Nappies, clothes, cotton wool and such things, I stopped her and said

“Heather, your not due for 5 weeks, your not having the baby today, go downstairs, sit down and calm down for an hour.

We sat on the sofa in silence for the next 20 minutes, the only sound in the house was Maurice the Tortoise awaking from his afternoon nap.

At this point I was still of the mind frame that we were going to get to MAC, do a 20 minute scan and they’d send us home so I was working out car parking logistics and how I’d do the ticket swap to get into the stadium with in place of my mum)

During that thought process we got another phone call from MAC asking us to come in at 5pm as there was space, so we jumped in the car and drove over slowly.

The car park outside the Hospital is £1 an hour with a maximum stay of 4 hours, I suggested we put in for two hours, Heather suggested four.

So £4 lighter we head into the Ward and the MAC team see us straight away..

After a bit of a check, the nurse told Heather that her waters have broken (to which point she turned to me and sternly declared I TOLD YOU) and that she will have to stay in for a few days to make sure she doesn’t get an infection and she would probably be induced at 37 weeks.

After a few tests and injections, she was moved onto the antenatal ward for the evening and we discussed a plan for the rest of the week

“If you get my a sim card and grab my laptop, I can still work from here for the next few days and tether”

At 10pm they kick the men out of the ward so the women can get some rest and I reluctantly drove home to hear all about the dinner and match from my Mother (she got me program)

I headed to bed at 11:30 planning the week ahead and trying to put sort some processes in head for work with two employees being off 3 weeks earlier than expected.

I text Heather goodnight and told her I loved her and missed her.

iMessage from Heather Heather: They’ve just done and scan and the baby is in breach, they are going to do a c-section tomorrow

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