21st Feburary 2016 – 11:31pm

21st Feburary 2016 – 11:31pm

This post is part two, if you've not read it, read part one

iMessage from Heather Heather: They’ve just done and scan and the baby is in breach, they are going to do a c-section tomorrow

I called Heather straight away and we talked through what had happened, the Doctor had been quiet matter of fact and left after giving the information so we were both upset that she was on her own with this news, we chatted for 5 minutes and agreed that we both needed some sleep.

I ran downstairs and woke my mum up by SHOUTING AT HER,

You’ve got to get up at 6 tomorrow, I need to get up and goto the hospital, baby is in breach so she’s coming tomorrow, I need a bath and you need to drive me!!

I switched the lights off and went back upstairs and then it started to sink in.. we were going to have a baby TOMORROW.. holy shit.. 

I went into the nursery and started packing a bag with nappies, clothes, cotton wool and such things and then went to bed.

I was filled with  a mixture of excitement that we get to skip the last 5 boring weeks of pregnancy and dread that it’s 5 weeks and these 5 weeks are obviously important or else they wouldn’t be needed.

I thought exhausted myself to sleep at about 2:30am and awake at 6am, a quick bath and Heather called to say the nurses had said I could come early to the ward if I wanted.

I forced my mum and Grandad out of the house much earlier than we’d agreed and they gave me a lift to the Hospital, I wasn’t in a good mindset to drive at that point and my mind was in pure panic mode at this point – I was directing my mum to the hospital and she took a wrong turn causing a 10 minute delay and I remember shouting at her as to why she would do such a thing?!.

We arrived at the Hospital and I found that Heather had been moved to a private room in preparation for the C-Section and was having contractions, I asked if she wanted her parents to be with her and she did so, I called her parents and that is a phone call you never want to have;

Heya, So Heather is having a C-Section, don’t panic but if you’d like to get to the hospital as soon as possible, that would be really nice.

Staff and nurses came in and spoke to us about what was going to happen and how and over the course of the next hour Heather started to get more uncomfortable.

The anesthetist arrived and spend a good 30 minutes explaining about all the injections that were about to happen pre the C-Section and as soon as he left, Heather turned to the midwife and said, I want to push

Turns out Heather was already 8cm dilated which means that the C-section went out the window and we headed straight for delivery suite.

I’m not going to go into detail of the birth but I will say three things;

  1. At one point there was 9 members of hospital staff in the room during the delivery which brought home how serious this situation was, each one had a job to do and was excellent at it
  2. I’ve never been more prouder of my wife than how she handled this entire situation, she was and continues to be amazing
  3. TELL HER TO TAKE THE GAS AND AIR.. It is magical

At 10:41am, Our little girl arrived and was soon whisked off to be checked and cleaned.

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