This post is part three, if you've not read part one and two, try them first :)

Scarlett Veronica Hodgson – 5lb 13 and 5 weeks early.

2016-02-22 19.30.32

She obviously gets her impatience from me, Mum had a few hours to rest in the delivery room and I sat with her in silence, refreshing Reddit, texting friends and family and acquiring and .com.

After what seemed like hours but was in reality was less than one, we were moved into the Transitional Ward and that’s where I’m writing this from.

Apart from the stern doctor who told Heather she was going to have the C-Section, every single member of staff that we’ve dealt with at the hospital has been beyond amazing, we are now on our 9th day in the Hospital and in the time we’ve been here, We’ve been to four departments (we didn’t go to neonatal so missed out on a full house).

Heather read a negative review of St. James on the internet so during the pregnancy she switched to the LGI,  I have never been more thankful for a ward to be closed, not that I thought the LGI would be bad, but I was born at St. James so I was happy to be moved there (but you never argue with a pregnant woman)

I wanted to write this message so that if someone searches for St. James Maternity Ward Review, hopefully this will appear and they can see that you are in the very best of hands.

I’ve no doubt I’ll be using this blog to complain when things go wrong with stuff and it’s much easier to write complaints than complements but if your thinking about St. James, I could not ask for more from them (other than a car park pass 😉 )


  1. I got switched to Jimmy’s for Gryff too Dom and they were great – right down to the very stern woman who did what needed to be done at that particular point and told me to shut up and get my chin down and all who helped me avoid a second c section ha ha.

    Welcome again little miss Scarlett ‘what a beautiful name’ Hodgson.

    Ps and for the multi story being open at night

    1. Thanks Dom, we are looking forward to seeing you soon 🙂

      We had a stern midwife who came and spoke to us after who was absolutely lovely, she was stern when she needed to be

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