4 Months and still waiting for an answer from @Virgin_TrainsEC

4 Months and still waiting for an answer from @Virgin_TrainsEC

As usual with my blog posts, they are a bit long, wordy and full of grammatical errors, if you’d like to skip that just read TLDR; Virgin Trains have redone the first class  toilets in Leeds and only put baby changing in the ladies toilet, I asked them why as there is plenty of space in the gents in November and almost 90 days later, still no response.

On the 30th of November, We have a family trip to London and with an 8 month old and a  Weekend First Class upgrade we were in for some excitement. As usual Heather makes sure we get to the train station mega early so we ended up in the newly refurbished First Class Lounge at Leeds Station.

During the delay it became clear that someone needed a change and it was Dad’s turn, so I grabbed the baby and changing bag and headed to the bathroom, there was plenty of space in the gents for one so this annoyed me a bit, I tweeted Virgin Trains


And after a bit of confusion I received


After a week or so I tweeted that I hadn’t received a followup or anything and was told they don’t do responses, to get a response I’d have to email

So I did

Hello Virgin (East Coast) Team!

I tweeted your team the other day about an Issue I have with the toilets (https://twitter.com/TheHodge/status/803917099685003264) and was told that the issue would be ‘passed on to management’ 

However when I asked for a response, I was told that, it wasn’t available unless I emailed.. 

So I’m emailing, I was really disappointed to see this, I travel with my daughter alone a lot and yet again this is an example of dads being treated as 2nd class parents. 

If I wanted to change my daughter I’d either have to leave the room or awkwardly use the women toilets with a sense of shame and embarrassment, no father should field embarrassed to change his child. 

There looks to be plenty of space in the Blokes for a changing table, so I have to ask why wasn’t one added?

Thanks for your time so far.

A few days later I got an autoresponder

Dear Dom,

Thank you for your correspondence received on 06 December 2016.

Your correspondence has been received and assigned the reference number above. We review all our feedback, praise and complaints and if your case requires a response then we aim to send you a full reply within the next 28 working days. If you have any additional information in relation to this matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by replying directly to this email.

Thanks again for contacting us.

Yours Sincerely

Customer Solutions Team

Virgin Trains East Coast

28 working days.. wow that puts us to about the middle of January with the Christmas period, that came and went and I gave them a few extra days and tried to call the phone number in the email…. it didn’t work..

and finally JW jumps in with an excuse

Someone ELSE operates the station,  we are just happy to take the credit about our new refurb and fancy seats and facilitates when it’s good stuff


Thankfully JW was on the case after a bit of pushing.

That was the 24th of Jan.. Here we are over a month later.. and even after a small poke


No response.

I realise in the grand scheme of things it’s a small thing, but it matters that when my daughter needs changing, I shouldn’t feel remotely embarrassed about any facilities available or having to ask permission to use another bathroom.

The Virgin Brand has always pretty good at customer relations and I use the train service most months without issue but this issue and the lack of accountability has really disappointed me.


What do I want?

  • I’d like a baby changing table in the gents for a start 😉 or at least to know why it wasn’t added originally
  • I’d like to know why my question has been ignored for almost 4 months even after someone taking ‘personal charge’
  • I’d like more services to run on the August Bank Holiday Weekend (this may be unrelated to the above post)




Virgin have said that it will hopefully be done by April, I’ve asked why it’s taken 4 months to tell me that 🙂

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