After 13 days in the Hospital, we got the all clear to leave today; tests, obs and weight was all good to go, so after battling with the car seat and making sure she was warm (BUT NOT TOO WARM) we were on our way

2016-03-05 13.41.38

I’ve a few posts in draft about our time in the Hospital which I’ll finish and post over the next few weeks but it felt so much better to be driving home to a none empty house.

We are still alternating between 1 tube and 1 bottle at the moment and I’ve no idea how our first night time without the midwife on call button will go (this could be my last post in this short blogging sprint!)

I’m told we will have regular antenatal visitors over the next few days  checking if we are okay and that she hasn’t pulled the tube out again.

Heather and I  celebrated the evening with a Domino’s Pizza and a catch up on last nights Rugby match, Scarlett celebrated the evening by peeing all over her new changing mat.

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