Like many parts of bringing up a child, I’d been excited about this and dreading it at the same time, Heather and Scarlett are finally home but OH JESUS THERE IS NO RESPONSIBLE ADULT IN CHARGE.. 

Scarlett is currently on a 3 hour feed routine at the moment so I know at the moment we’ve got it easy, she starts grumbling about half an hour before a feed and we’ve got alarms set of when to wake up and divvy up the duties, I am constantly told by people this won’t last long..

We’ve tried to keep the household noise the same as it usually is, if we start to have the house quiet, she will get used to that and be awoken at any noise at least if we have our normal level of noise, we will hopefully learn an acceptable level to fall asleep at.

Heather took at the 2am shift as it was a tube feed and I wasn’t signed off to do those and I took the 5am bottle.

We stuck her carefully placed with her feet at the bottom and making sure her arms were tucked correctly in to the moses basket and we were ready for our first night!

2016-03-05 23.35.28

I closed my eyes and instantly heard the sounds of Scarlett’s irregular breathing pattern, I turned to Heather (who has had 11 days of sleeping next to her) “is this normal” “yep” so I tried to process it and go to sleep..

And then the irregular noises stopped and the entire house was silent.. SHOULD IT BE SILENT? should she be making noises.. has she stopped breathing.. is she okay? if she doesn’t make a noise in 10 seconds I’m going to go and check.. 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..*toot* oh she just needed to fart.. panic over

And that continued throughout the night, I’m sure I’ll get used to the sounds she makes and with that have less weird dreams that involve me being arrested for concept of court for a case I wasn’t involved in (note to self, don’t watch Suits before bed)

My turn to do the bottle and nappy change went fine, apart from Scarlett christening the new changing mat and managed to get it EVERYWHERE, causing me to shout Heather to get some new clothes (we now have fresh clothes next to the changing mat)

It’s 9pm now and I’ve just finished making a VAT of soup (pea and mint) and a VAT of pasta (..mince and tomato?)  for the week ahead, I figured if I can makes some good meals that we can just microwave over the next few days it might make things a bit easier if we are knackered..

2016-03-06 18.06.02

It’s time to feed again and look at that it’s my turn.


  1. Good luck with it The Hodge!

    From experience – batch cooking and freezing will drastically improve your chances of eating a) vaguely hot food for dinner b) together c) as stress-free-ly as possible!

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