The Nursery is about the only room in the house fully complete, it’s the first room Heather and I have painted properly and her number one rule was NO PINK so we decided to go for Yellow and Green and a Zoo / Safari theme. and if I do say so myself, it looks awesome.

2016-01-23 21.09.13 (1)

It’s fashionable these days  to have a fun down of the products in your nursery and link to them with some affiliate links in the hope that someone at some point goes I WANT ONE OF THOSE and you get some commission.. So with that in mind;


The two paints we use are from Wilco’s and is supposedly washable and durable, we chose Wilco’s because it’s the closest shop to me and I had to carry the paint home


All the Nursery furniture is the STUVA range from IKEA, it’s simple, durable and looks good with the theme, the set came together pretty quickly (with the help of some friends for the big bits)


The border and lampshade is from Children’s Rooms, The team behind Children’s Rooms are really good friends and I’d highly recommend you buy everything for your young person’s room (they also have All Kids)

Zoo Wall Stickers – Wall Glamour 2016-03-06 22-47-29

The Animal Train Wall Stickers are from Wall Glamour, I love Wall Glamours stock, Rick puts a lot of effort into his products and they use the HIGHEST quality materials (You can see some of his sticks in the LGI Children’s Hospital)



The Mobile was on offer at Smyths but is no longer in stock, it’s a wind up one that needs no batteries and was only £10 in the sale, it’s on offer at the time of writing for £14 on amazon but looks to have been discontinued.


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