I’ve had a few emails this week asking me when the next LeedsHack is and now is about the time when I usually start organising this years event, The truth is, I honestly don’t know when / if LeedsHack is happening.

After more than 5 years, I decided last year (after saying it for a few years) that LeedsHack 2015 was going to be my last one. 


There are many reasons to call time on LeedsHack but I’ll give you a few

  • Heather and I were thinking about starting a family and organising a hackday with a new baby seemed like it wouldn’t be a fun idea.
  • LeedsHack was starting to get a bit same-ish and I was running out of ideas to innovate
  • The attitude of some attendees was a big thing, LeedsHack was always a free event but with the abuse I received from some people when the wifi went down (or when we had Pepsi instead of Coke) you’d think they’d paid £400 a ticket]
  • It’s getting more and more difficult to fund a ‘generic’ hack day, Sponsors now want to see which Startup success stories came out of the event and LeedsHack was never about it, LeedsHack was about trying something new and giving something a go.

I want to thank the team who helped me run LeedsHack for the last few years and of course the Leeds City Museum for being an excellent host.

I originally made this announcement on stage at LeedsHack and some people expressed interested in continuing but those seemed to have fizzled out, so if anyone is interested in the event, please let me know, I only have a few rules for the event

  • The event MUST remain free
  • Everyone gets to present if they want
  • Everyone gets a prize

If your looking for another Hack day to attend, try the Excellent Hack Manchester and the wonderful Over the Air both of these I hope to be at in some form or another.

As for what event is next, Alistair and I have been thinking about it and I’m sure we’ll come up with something ridiculous soon.

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