My Next Event… The Penguin Awards

My Next Event… The Penguin Awards

I really do miss running events. Every few months or so I’ll get a couple of tweets asking me to bring back ThinkVis and I get the urge.. I start looking at venues and pricing up DDRs and speakers and topics but then I realise that the industry has moved on and I don’t think I could bring back what was special.

I fully intend to run a conference at some point in the style of ThinkVis but it will be its own thing.

How can I help you with this Dom? I hear you ask

By supporting me in other ventures, whilst I’d love for you to be a Little Warden or Kerboo customer, today I’m asking you to look at the Penguin Awards and consider entering.

The Penguin Awards are a digital marketing awards designed around fun and raising money for charity.

  • £10 entry fee (which goes to charity)
  • 15+ slightly amusing categories
  • A job lot of trophies bought off eBay
  • A live-streamed awards ceremony
  • Good feelings all round.

If things like this go well, It will prove to myself that I can build an audience for an event once more and I’ll be more inclined to run a silly ‘real’ event.

So go on, enter the awards, you are helping me, helping Martin House but more importantly, you are helping yourself.

<3 Dom


I’d also like to take the opportunity to say thank you to our category sponsors, Little Warden, Kerboo, Sitebulb, Accountancy Extra, Sanity Check, Clockwork Talent, Polemic Digital, 10 Yetis, Biddable Moments, Stat, SERPmetrics, Deepcrawl, Many Minds and we’ve still got a few categories left if you’d like to get involved.

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