Virgin Holidays False Advertising?

Virgin Holidays False Advertising?

overview-disney-magic-00-fullWe did it, We booked our first family holiday! In May 2017 we will be travelling on the Disney Magic from Florida back to Europe in a two week adventure, we had to wait until Scarlett was 1 year old before we can do a transatlantic cruise but we are counting down the days.

Rather than book individually we decided to go onto the Virgin Holidays shop and get everything as a package, not have to worry about anything, especially with a 1 year old of unknown ability.

But so far there have been two instances where I’ve been let down (or misinformed) and I’m not getting anywhere with internal complaints so let this be a bit of a warning to you.

Flight Upgrades

cq5dam.web.315.170Heather and I have spent the last few years with a Virgin Atlantic credit card, saving air miles for a one day upgrade. This seemed like the perfect way to start our holiday and so whilst we were booking, we mentioned we had a fair bit of air miles accrued and would love to use them to upgrade to upper for the flight, we were told at that time that the flights were not available at the moment but as soon as they were listed, they would sort them however there would be a small fee as they would have to change our ticket code (no issue from us) and we left waiting a call.

A couple of weeks later I sent an email checking up and was told there was no space in upper for upgrades? I called Virgin Atlantic and they explained that the Upper upgrades had already sold out, so the flight had gone from not allocated and we’d booked with the notice that we had the miles to upgrade and suddenly it was sold out, something doesn’t seem right at all but my queries were dismissed with, “keep checking the website to see if more allocation comes or someone cancels” I shouldn’t have to do that as that’s why I booked with a travel agent and expressly said we’d like to use our miles.


Virgin Atlantic in Manchester has a V-Lounge, it’s a room where before your flight you can get breakfast and have a drink before your flight, Heather and I used it when we went on our Honeymoon and we’d read online that Virgin Cruise customers get access.

Here is the Virgin Cruises website with the top 5 reasons to book, The first thing on the list is Access to the Virgin Holidays v-room

Why Choose Us | Virgin Holidays Cruises 2016-06-24 13-46-34


There is no mention of any additional charge, it’s clearly listed as a benefit and to make sure of this, I sent the link to 20 people without the backstory, all of whom assumed based on that written copy that the V-Room is included (there isn’t even an asterisk * to explain that it’s not included with some subtext)
Another place this is mentioned is on the Virgin Atlantic Credit Card Page


Virgin Holidays | Virgin Atlantic 2016-06-24 13-43-21


Which on a page about the Virgin Holidays Group specifically states that Cruise customers can take advantage of the exclusive v-room, again there is no mention of an additional charge.

I will say that it’s only £25 each so I’m bit a fair bit picky with this HOWEVER I can’t see how you can read those bits of text and expect anything other than for that to be included, it speaks like false advertising and doublespeak, I spoke to Virgin Holidays about this and they say it’s quite clear that booking a virgin cruise gives you the opportunity to book a space in the v-room, not that it’s included.

Where do we go from here?

I don’t expect anything to come of it but these two incidents have just naffed me off a fair bit and going through the normal support methods don’t seem to have helped, we’ve paid for most of this holiday now so will go through it, would I book through them again? probably not, I defiantly feel I’ve been mislead on both of these issues and they seem to have moved onto the next customer rather than look at the issues I’ve given them.

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