Dear the RFL,

Hello, It’s me again, back for Part 2 of my suggestions, in Part One we focused on a finding a wider and younger audience in this part I want to suggest things for increasing revenue for current clubs in the long and short term.


Club Catchup

I believe each club has the ability to record and release home game coverage and commentary 24 hours after the game. However, only some clubs take this opportunity  ( and

What would be the scope in each club recording the home games but the RFL creating a subscription to access them all with the money divided between each club?

This should be separate to any broadcast partner

This could be a foundation for a possible long term streaming solution so if the contract renewal in 2021 doesn’t go as well as we all hope it does.

Encourage Toronto & other ventures

Toronto opens up a massive new market of fans, sponsors, and television distribution deals, if they can get a fanbase of 7000+ to a game then we must encourage the team to grow and bring some of the fanbases to away games.

Take a Super League game out to Toronto and have it as a double header with one of the Toronto games, the fans get to know 2 new games and see some Super League Quality and if / when Toronto get promoted, the teams that went to Canada are likely to be the away games that people go to as they will recognise the names.

Segment the email database

The emails that are sent out from the RFL are generic mass mails, you have so much data based on ticket habits, location, quantity and price band.

The segments for targeting with this data are pretty wide with scope for increasing ticket sales;

  • If someone buys challenge cup tickets every year but has never bought a grand final ticket, send them an offer.
  • If someone has been to Magic Weekend but not the summer bash, introduce them to it with highlights and introductions.
  • If someone regularly buys 5 or more tickets at a game, send them a group deal
  • If someone hasn’t bought a ticket in 3 years, ask them why and collate the information

Use the 18th Man monthly newsletter to promote all games of all levels in that local area starting with SL, Championship & League 1 and then allowing Amateur and other clubs to submit games for listing.


Thanks again for reading these, the feedback yesterday was great and yes I know I’m ‘probably just talking to a brick wall’ but at least I can say I gave it a go, the final part of this letter will be tomorrow and it’s more internal rather than external.


This follows on with Part 3


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