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Heather and I play a game at dinner when we run out of stuff to talk about (quite easy to do when you’ve been together 13 years and work together every day), you navigate to the Technology section of Kickstarter and select a PHYSICAL product (websites don’t work well for this).

Once you’ve selected an appropriate product, you each take a turn in guessing how much it costs to get the item to your door, we’ve developed a few house rules for the game (technically they are all house rules since we made the game up).

  • The guess is for the cheapest backable pledge for the product, if the early bird pledged have gone they do not count (but if your exactly on the money you may get half a point)
  • Pledged should be in the local currency (unless you don’t know what the exchange rate is.. then feel free to Google it
  • Pledges should not include delivery
  • Players can request the amount pledged and days left for the campaign (campaigns with less time left could have early rewards sold out)

For instance;

I’d probably bet that the cost $100 for that and had I been early, I would be right however the least amount I can pledge to get my hands on one at the moment is $199, I think I’lll pass.

We’ve been bang on the money and thousands of dollars off which makes it quite an interesting game, especially playing in areas you know nothing about.


  1. That is an awesome game. I love Kickstarter. I think another good game would be to read the name of a product aloud (especially in Tech) and have someone guess what it is/used for.

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